I was surprised on my most recent visit by how much better this ride was than I remembered. This is a spookyily theme dark ride, and my main memories were of it being another attempt (I've seen examples at several parks) to do an upmarket version of the fairground ghost train, which 9 times out of 10 don't work that well. This time though it seemed like the idea had finally been pulled off.

The description of an upmarket ghost train should give you a good idea what to expect. It sees you travelling around a spookily themed environment, during which various models activate to provide scares and entertainment. The quality of the models isn't top notch, but there's nothing notably bad, and everything happens at a fast enough pace to ensure your mind doesn't wander, so it keeps you immersed in the environment. There are also a few clever ideas and uses of the multi level track on top of the standards scares, so I came away reasonably impressed, and wondering why I didn't remember the ride being this good.

Well the ride was a walk on, so I rode it a second time later that day, and I got my answer. The first time I rode I was in the front half of the train, for my second go like my previous visit I was in the back half. This showed me the problem. The timing on the majority of the models is set with the front half of the train in mind, jumping out as that part of the train trundles by and so on. This means if your in the second half of the train it's nowhere near as immersive, once I became aware of this I realised it was like watching some other people doing a ride, rather than being involved in the ride itself.

So is this ride worth doing? On a quiet day I would say yes, as even if you don't get the front half of the train it still offers enough to be worth investing your time. On a busier day I'd be a little more reluctant as I couldn't guarantee I'd be in the 8 scoring front half of the train, rather than the back half which is more a 7.