A couple of years ago if you had asked me to choose a European ride to be my 300th coaster this would have been it. I was therefore pretty lucky when things fell in to place, with what was a last minute booking to do the Dusseldorf Kirmes funfair, and some nearby parks, for this to end up as my 300th.

So after a lot of hype and anticipation did it live up to expectations? Not quite. Not because it was a bad ride, but more because I feel it's a little over hyped. The many rave reviews had me believing it could be a top 5 coaster, instead it's a top 25 one, which is more than respectable.

It's not a ride that gives it's thrills from g-force or thrilling track elements. Instead it's a pure adrenalin pumping speed demon. From the first drop to the final break it tears around the track at a break neck speed. This approach compliments the twisted layout perfectly as the constant changes of direction mean that even after several rides your not quite sure what's coming next.

The only slight problem I had is it did have some bumps along the way. These didn't spoil the ride that much, and on a less hyped coaster they'd hardly warrant a mention. Here though they do hold back it's full potential. If these were smoothed out I could see this being a top 10 coaster rather than in my top 25. Even with these though this is still one of the better wooden coasters in Europe.