Turbo Boost



European funfairs are renowned for their thrill rides which are run on an ultra intense level. If you're curious as to what this would be like Weiner Prater is a good starting point. There are some deceptively intense rides here like the Flipper and the Circus Hoppala, along with rides which look intense and scary, and are like the Tornado. The ride which I think will get you the most kudos for riding, because it looks like a monstrosity is this.

When it's not running it just looks like a variant on the booster ride, which are in quite a few locations in England. When it starts it becomes a whole different matter as it spins around at a truly phenomenal rate. One nice touch is a display on the ride that tells you how fast it's going, but you don't need this to tell it's going insanely fast.

This makes the experience of riding it an insane highly thrilling and intense experience, as you speed round you feel the blood building up in your legs due to the G-force your experiencing, that's how intense it is. Obviously this ride isn't for everyone, but if your after an intense and thrilling ride to blow you away, this is your answer.