Tutiki Splash


Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review and providing this photo for me.

This ride is a splash boat ride, like Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park inside the Polynesia land of Port Aventura. The ride is the biggest in Polynesia, and is a very well thought out and themed ride. Once the ride starts you get pulled straight up a small lift hill, and go through a dark cave, then get dropped down the first small drop and get slightly wet. Then you go round to the big drop which is quite large.

When going up the lift hill a surprise happens that I love. Another boat going down the big drop gets you soaked, when your on you way up the lift. The mixture of first drop and the splash means you really wet before the big drop. When up the top you curl round down you go down the drop, and get soaked even more, and if that's not enough, people with cannons on a bridge above the ride spray you with cannons, this isn't really a thrill ride but its a fun ride that's worth a go.