Gerstlauer Eurofighters, with their 95 degree first drop are very popular at the moment. Seeing how good Speed at Oakwood, and Rage at Adventure Island are it's not difficult to see why. Bobbejaanland is home to this example, only the second ever constructed, the first is at Bon Bon Land in Denmark. Unfortunately in my experience the earlier examples don't always hold up well to the more modern examples.

The problem with this example is it is overly intense and nauseous. This may sound a bit hypocritical if you've read my review of Speed at Oakwood. In that I praise Speed for it's high level of intensity. The difference is with Speed I can enjoy the ride, and a few minutes after riding I'll have my equilibrium back. It's not one I can ride repeatedly, but will happily do numerous goes on over the day. Here it's the sort of intensity that leaves me with a headache after riding, and not having any desire to do repeat rides.

It's a shame really as I'm becoming a big fan of Gerstlauer's roller coasters, and I really wanted to love this ride. It's compact layout would make it a great marketable attraction for a park with limited space, unfortunately it's level of intensity limits it's appeal.

Looking back I have been pretty hard on this ride. I think I should end by stressing it's it's not an absolutely terrible attraction, it has some good thrilling sections. If it was part of a larger park as a mid tier ride it would do the job adequately. Here though it should be one of the parks signature coasters. Unfortunately it's lack of rerideability  means that it doesn't do this job adequately. For a smaller park it could do this, but for a park the level of Bobbejaanland it needs something more rerideable.