Normally I try not to mention any major revelations that will spoil a ride for first time riders, here though it's nigh on impossible without omitting a description of the ride. If you don't want things spoiled I'll just say it's an indoor wet ride (as in protect stuff you want kept dry with a poncho/waterproof bag) and advise you to stop reading now.

OK for those still with me what we have here is what in any other park (without Magma 2) would be the craziest ride there. It starts out with an unassuming queue area hinting at some sort of submarine themed ride. When you walk in the first shock comes. Instead of what I was expecting, where you started in the submarine, you find yourself standing on the dock of a large indoor pool. In the middle of the pool is a large recreation of a submarine. After a short show by the operator the battle starts with several large explosions of water taking place in the pool. At this point you make your way around the dock, trying to avoid the splashes, and walk down in to the submarine. At this point the riders are asked to sit down on some large pipes as the submarine goes in to battle.

During the battle the room rocks back and forth. Due to the fact your sitting on a round pipe it's almost inevitable your going to fall back in to the nets behind you at some point. During the battle the submarine is hit and develops a number of leaks. This is simulated by spraying all the riders with the equivalent of a garden hose for about a minute, absolutely soaking everyone.

It's as if someone went on a haunted swing ride and decided it wasn't sadistic enough. It's a very mad and unique concept, but it's also a lot of fun. Definitely a ride you don't want to miss.