This is one of the most cloned looping roller coasters designs ever. This is because it's a compact design of a suspended coaster that allows for a park to have a big attraction (assuming no one else nearby has built one) on a reasonable budget. There's at least 20 versions out there, including this and Infusion at Blackpool.

This one has an interesting setting. It's set in an area with a lot of tall hedges, giving the area a nice atmosphere. The area around the ride, including the queue also gives you some great views of the ride. There is a bit of theming by the queue entrance, but it's so bad I think it would be better if it wasn't their. It looks like something you'd see outside a village hall on Halloween, not like something any major theme park should have.

My experience riding this type of coaster has been mixed. Some have been poor, failing to get the potential from the track layout due to an excessively rough ride. I didn't have this problem on this version though, this is one of the best versions I've been on.

The train tears around the track at an exciting rate, with you passing around a good selection of ride elements at a fast non stop rate with no dull points from the top of the lift to the breaks. It doesn't rank as a must do ride, especially if you've already done a copy elsewhere, but it's one I would prioritise on visiting Walibi Belgium.