Van Helsing's Factory



It's surprising to think I hadn't heard about this ride until shortly before my trip. It's a Gerstlauer Bobsled, like the Cobra at Paulton's Park. They're like a custom designed wild mouse that encompasses helixes and sweeping drops in the layout. They're some of my favourite family coasters. When you add the fact it's an enclosed coaster with a horror theme, it ranked as one of the more exciting ideas I've heard for a new ride for a while.

Knowing this I went in with high expectations, and not only were they met, they were exceeded. The coaster was thrilling with an exciting varied layout with no dull spots. Even the second hill lift was exciting, thanks to the speed you're propelled up it like a family power launched coaster. You could place this ride on a blank plot and it would be a good ride.

It's far from an unthemed ride though. It starts in the queue with some great scenes to set up the plot of you helping Van Helsing fight off a hoard of demons when the gates of hell open. This leads to the ride itself that takes place among some great sets, and includes a number of monster attacks as the cars speeds around the track. You could almost turn everything here in to a passable dark ride without the coaster elements.

This ranks as one of the better family coasters I've done. It's a rare example of a family coaster that also ranks as a top level signature coaster. I hope other parks take notice, because something like this would be a great addition to a lot of parks. It's enough on it's own to justify a visit to the park if you're ever in the area.