Villa Fiasco:



One of the most under-utilised pieces of ride equipment has to be the fun house. You see a fair number at funfairs and amusement parks, but they are surprisingly rare at theme parks. Part of this, at least in the UK has to do with fears of compensation culture, but I think the main reason is it's thought of almost exclusively as a fairground style ride, so is off the radar for many theme parks. Here though is proof that it you get the decor right, it's a ride that will happily fit in a family theme park.

Rather than the usual brash theming they've gone for a more grandiose feel, that gives it the feel of a fairy tale house. This on it's own would make it a nice ride. What also helps is even without the great theming it's a pretty good fun house. There's a great variety of obstacles to navigate, and it helps they've packed a lot in a small area to eliminate any dull points.

Overall this is a great family attraction. It would easily make my to do list when visiting the park, and something I think would be a good addition to a lot of other parks.