Villa Volta



This ride is considered to be the main rival of Hex at Alton Towers for the title of Europe's best haunted swing ride. If you go just by the haunted swing finale at the end of the ride I would say this is the clear winner, it's no contest.

The end is of a magnificent and extravagant quality and scale, that's in a different class to all other haunted swings I've ever done. Where this ride falls, and Hex makes up a lot of ground is the build up to the finale.

To be fair, I'm not going to be able to give a completely fair judgement here as it's all done in Dutch, a language I don't speak. Even allowing for this, there are some failings. For starters instead of an atmospheric, mood setting queue line, this one is just at the side of the building, next to a playground, meaning your never under the illusion your doing anything other than queuing for a ride.

The pre show room is an improvement, it is a well themed room, representing a treasure room of the Villa. There are a few problems, one is all that happens in it is a simple animatronic moves and speaks. The other problem is the dark and moody atmosphere here is a clash with the more opulent feeling of the final room, which spoils the suspension of disbelief when you go from one to the other.

Overall I'd say Hex is the superior ride, due to the job it does a much better job of creating the suspension of disbelief needed on a ride like this. This though is still a great ride, and is worth doing just for the finale on it's own.