Alpine Coaster



Warsaw doesn't have an amusement park to call it's own, so the main thrill ride is this Alpine Coaster, found at a ski center in Park Szczesliwicki. To get there I took tram 9 (you have to purchase several travel tickets from a kiosk in advance, and validate them when you get on the tram) going West from the Centrum Metro and train station area to a stop called Dickensa. From there it was about a 10 minute walk along the road going North-West to Park Szczesliwicki. The ski center is further along the road where you need to go in to the large entrance building to buy your ride tickets, before heading back out and round to the Alpine Coaster.

For those wondering this is a full circuit version. This means I would count it as a roller coaster, rather than a slide style thrill ride. After the initial long climb up to the hill lift you enter the first part of the decent. This part comes as a shock at first, as you can't see it from the station or lift. It's a double helix which is scary due to it being located high up the hill, above a load of trees, which create the illusion of you being higher than you really are. When you feel this high up, while whizzing around in a small plastic car with just a seatbelt it makes you fell very precarious up there.

After the helix if follows a more traditional formula for the middle part of the descent as the track follows the ground down the slope. The large amount of foliage around the track does a good job  of enhancing the excitement by restricting your view of what's ahead.

The coup de grace of the ride though is the final section. To get the most out of this section you need to have practiced a few times, so you know the layout, and you need to be brave enough to keep the breaking to a minimum. If you do this the sensation of speed created becomes incredible, creating one of the most out of control sensations I've experienced on any ride I've done anywhere.

It's a shame this ride is off the more traditional coaster routes, meaning it's unlikely to ever be part of a major coaster trip. If though you are in Warsaw for whatever reason finding a couple of hours to visit this is a must do for a coaster enthusiast.