Having ridden Robin Hood at Walibi World Holland, and enjoying it a lot, I was consequently looking forward to riding this wooden coaster.

To start with it looks promising, there's little in the way of theming other than the name and a few signs, but the queue area is nicely presented, and the setting among a large wooded area looks promising. Unfortunately this isn't a ride that met my expectations. Not because it was bad, but because my experience at Walibi Holland meant I expected a great ride, this is merely an average one.

It's a ride that's hard to write much about because it's very forgettable. It does an O.K. job of going round it's layout, but it never does much more than go through the motions.

Walibi Belgium is a park I would suggest avoiding on busy days, and this ride is a good illustration why. On a busy day rides like this, the Cobra boomerang coaster and the Vampire, and quite a few other rides which are average standard affairs get very long queues. From my experience I'd say these queues get longer than the rides worth waiting for. On a quiet day I would say this is worth a go, but it's one that will soon fade in the memory.