Wild Wasser Bahn



In my experience there are two types of log flume ride of note. One is the type that acts as a compact family thrill ride. These have to feature a number of drops close together. They have to be close together to stop a riders interest waning, because unlike a rapids ride the boats move at a slow pace when not on the main features of the ride. The other type of flume ride turns these slow sections in to what equates to a scenic ride. My experience has shown that the best log flumes are the ones that make the best scenic rides, while still offering a satisfactory level of family thrills.

This brings me nicely to this ride. It's a bit of a hidden gem, as it's easy to overlook compared to some other big rides at Europa. It doesn't boast that much in terms of large drops, or novelty drops either. What it does offer is a great setting themed around an Austrian mountain, with a large fantasy style mine inside which you pass threw on the way, along with the mine train. The end result is a prime example of how great theming can take an average ride, and make it great.