Winjas Force and Fear



This review is really not covering one, but two roller coasters. There are two different spinning coasters, with two station platforms side by side. They do follow slightly different routes, but are similar enough to mean there's no real need to ride one over another. Ideally though you'll want to do both, as it's a ride that justifies multiple goes.

A spinning coaster, given the large number of spinning coasters already about isn't too big a deal. I've been on quite a few good spinning coasters, but the pair found here are in a class of their own. For a start they're enclosed in a giant building, with a great theme of a fantasy village. This includes a big ride themed as a tree in the centre of a great set of helixes on both rides.

Both rides do a great job of providing thrills as it tears around the track. Where this ride really excels above the rest is the variety of elements throughout the ride. The fact there are two rides creates some great moments as you spot another car going around opposite you. Also there are a large number of tunnels initially hidden from view, that do a great job of offering some surprises, and offering variety to the ride, meaning the layout never feels repetitive. a brilliant family coaster that stands out as a triumph in coaster design.