Zeslizg Do Wody



Logically the Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko isn't a park I should feel drawn to, especially now I've visited it. A lot of it is on the run down side, and there aren't any world class rides, somehow though it's a park I'm drawn to visiting again some day. Having a great zoo within walking distance that you can do in the same day helps, but it doesn't explain it all. This park has something else I'm drawn to, because it's not just world class rides and theming experiences I'm attracted to. I'm also drawn to quirkiness and innovation that sticks out in the mind, which makes a lot of rides here highly memorable.

A great example is this modern update of an old school ride. It's like the water chute at Wicksteed, both consisting of a skip like boat, that goes down a large ramp in to a large pond. Unlike Wicksteed that has a rope to pull the skip backwards up the ramp to complete the circuit, this one does a full loop with an elevator lift to take the skip to the top of the slope. There's also a more lo-tech man with a pole (or as this park's in Poland a Pole with a pole) who sits at the back, and punts the skip back to the station after the splash.

Another difference is what happens when you hit the water. You hit the water at a more horizontal angle, so instead of a big splash you skim across the water at speed, resulting in a fun and exhilarating experience. Overall it's a very fun ride which left me wishing someone would build a copy of it in a location that's more assessable to me.