Tonnerre de Zeus



Have you ever been on a ride and wondered if you've done something to upset it? I have. I first rode this ride back in 2006, and I rated it as above average, but nothing that really stood out. As I approached this during my first circuit of the park I was expecting a repeat performance, leaving me woefully unprepared for what was to follow.

To start with things seemed normal as I walked through the ancient Greek area. This and the Viking area are set around a large lake, and are a little weaker in terms of theming when compared to the rest of the park. I think this is because of the limited space around the lake, meaning there's not as much space to create a detailed immersive environment. Still when you get to the ride it doesn't look to bad with the loading station themed as a Greek temple and a humorous statue of Zeus at the entrance to the queue. Sadly this level of theming isn't applied to the whole queue, which is very weak compared to Parc Asterix's usual standards. You get some good views of parts of the ride, but there's also a lot of empty space with no decoration or theming to look at.

With all this dealt with I was soon on the train and climbing up the hill lift. Then the first drop came and I was in for a shock. It tore around the track at a manic rate, forcing me to hold on tightly. As it whizzed round there were a notable number of bumps and jolts, shaking me in my seat. The combination of tearing manically round the track and the constant jolts resulted in one of the most outright aggressive rides I've ever done.

So one to recommend? It's definitely one to put on your to do list on a visit to the park, and I would have happily done a second (non consecutive) ride if the temptation of OzIris hadn't taken away so much of my time. As a reason to visit the park, although this is above average I wouldn't quite rank among the upper echelons of wooden roller coasters I've done, so if your looking for a great woodie this wouldn't be the first place I'd plan a trip to, but once at the park I wouldn't want to miss this.