Blackbeard's All At Sea



This was redeveloped from the old Blackbeard's Adventure ride and opened in 2006, until the area was taken down for redevelopment after the 2012 season.

Old Review: 5

What is it with the links between Adventure Island and Thorpe Park. Both have rides named Vortex and Tidal Wave, and now both have Pirate Themed special FX cinemas.
This one is themed around the the idea of a journey in Blackbeard's ship. The interior of the ship is very well themed, with the feeling of an extra effort has been made. The special FX, although not quite up to the standards of the likes of the larger budgeted Pirates 4D are pretty fun and innovative, and do make you feel like you're involved in the ride experience.
This has the makings of a good ride, unfortunately it's let down by the rides film. It's done with computer graphics, the quality of which are Saturday mourning cartoon quality at best. Can I also say, which self respecting pirate would have a tankard with the word "rum" on it in giant letters. What really lets it down is the plot, or the almost complete lack of one. It's basically the simplest plot that they could have done to give them an excuse to use the special effects. You're left with the feeling of sitting in the cinema while the effects go off, rather than the feeling of any involvement. A shame as with a half decent film this could be a ride with a lot of potential.