Blackbeard's Pirate Adventure



Adventure Island used to have a number of walkthrough attractions, this one had some intriguing ideas. What I didn't realise when I first visited in 2002 was it was a surprisingly recent addition built in 1998. It replaced a very similar attraction that was independently owned and operated, and was also merged with an old wax museum.

The main outside area was a large recreation of a pirate ship that you got to walk around, doing the top decks before the wax museum, and below decks afterwards. The ship looked good from the outside, but felt a little lacking on the inside, with little in the way of anything memorable. It felt more functional than anything else.

The wax museum was much better. It was an old chamber of horrors where you walked down a spooky corridor past various instruments of torture, with waxworks of the victims. The models weren't of the best quality, but in many ways this added to the spookiness of things, giving the feel of an old horror film.

In 2006 the ship was redeveloped as the Blackbeard's All At Sea ride, which closed in 2012 to make space for future development.

Sadly the waxworks also closed to the public in 2006, with some of the space being used for retail. It's a shame really as if they'd been open a few more years, with the increase in popularity of walkthrough horror attractions it could have been a popular attraction today.

Old Review: 7

This is a walkthrough scenic ride divided into two area. The first and last area is a large pirate ship. It sees you walking around the ship where there are a few humorous decorations and some information about pirates.
The middle part is a dungeon themed area. It's a creepy dark area with cells and information and models demonstrating various methods of execution and torture.
The ship and dungeon sets are good, some of the models look a little shabby, but overall it's a good package. A good combination of horror, humour and entertainment.

Old Review: 7

I had one question after doing this on my last visit. Why have all those lights been installed in the dungeon section. I guess it's to make things more suitable for families, which is understandable at a family orientated park. This though takes away from the spooky atmosphere in the Dungeon section.
It's still a good walkthrough taking place in a giant pirate ship and a themed dungeon. Some of it feels a little dated which is a shame as I feel there's a lot of potential in the pirate ship and dungeon set pieces. Quite a lot of this potential has been reached, but I feel more could be done with them.