The Black Revolver



I missed this ride quite a few times when  visiting Drayton Manor. Due to either time, or the ride not being open, so I only got to ride it relatively recently. I'm glad I did though as it was probably one of my last chances to try a variation of ride that used to be relatively popular, but now seems to have become unpopular and died out. I remember an example at The American Adventure called The Black Hole, an example at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (also) called the Black Hole, as well as Drayton Manor's slightly more originally titled Black Revolver.

The ride in question was a fairground waltzer, but enclosed indoors. This meant the main lights could be turned out, and they often had music and a light show during the ride. The interior of the Black Revolver wasn't that spectacular. Everything was painted plain black, and it was showing it's age when I rode. To ride though it was great thanks to some lights, music, and the fact it was one of the most intense waltzers I've done. It's rare I do repeat rides on any waltzer, having ridden them so many times. Here though I couldn't resist a few goes in a row though.

It was finally removed to make space for a new show. It seems unlikely we'd ever see what amounts to a fairground waltzer in the dark in a theme park or large amusement park in the UK again. Who knows though, maybe a seaside amusement park, looking for something a bit different will bring one back.

Old Review: 7

I think there was a ride called the Black Revolver when I first visited Drayton Manor back in 1994, I'm assuming that his is still the same ride. On my most recent visit over 15 years later I finally rode it for the first time, and found I had to make up for quite a bit of lost time.
Inside the unassuming building is an old style waltzer ride, complete with wooden floors, and some unusually chunky cars you ride in. The enclosed waltzer used to be a common twist on a classic, it's now a rarity. Both the American Adventure and Blackpool Pleasure Beach used to have one, but both have now been lost. I get the feeling it's only a matter of time before this is replaced. If this does happen I hope this ride finds a home, it wouldn't be a bad ride for the Dreamland heritage park project. I'd hate to see a classic like this lost. It's not just it's classic ride status that I like. It's also pretty good to ride.
I don't know if it's an old fashioned spinning mechanism, or the chunkier cars giving a different weight distribution, but this is one of the wildest waltzers I've been on. It spins at a fast level in some good reliable bursts. Normally a waltzer is a ride I could take or leave, and are unlikely to have multiple goes on. On this one I had no hesitation in doing a second go strait after the first go, and I would have happily have done a couple more goes if I had the time.