Bling was a thrill ride located at the Pleasure Beach from 2004 to 2011.

Old Review: 7

It's almost impossible to review this ride and make comparisons with the Top Scan rides like The Samurai ride at Thorpe Park. It has similar seating consisting of 6 rows of seats, spiking out from a central point forming a 6 pointed star. Unlike the arm of a top scan though that is at a diagonal angle the arm here starts out completely vertical, and does large loops during the ride.
So it has visual similarities to one of the greatest thrill rides out there. Does it match in terms of thrills? I would say it does, but sadly for only about 10 seconds of the ride cycle. For those 10 seconds you get some good wild thrilling movements. For the rest of the time it feels to predictable, and the level of thrills doesn't reach that high a level.
I'm told this might be because of the ride program, and there are more exciting settings. Thinking about it I should have tried the version I saw at a German funfair I was at recently, but there were so many other great rides I wanted to do (including ironically a Top Scan) I never got around to doing it. As this one stands it's not a terrible ride, but it's more a ride to provide a short distraction, than something that will stick out in the memory.