Brer Rabbit's Burrow



Brer Rabbit's Burrow was at the park until it closed at the end of the 2013 season.

Old Review: 5

This ride is a good idea, but it's been poorly executed. It sees you on a train going in to a large themed inside area. It's based on the idea of travelling round Brer Rabbits Burrow, while he and his friends have a party. It's a nice idea of a potential twist on the traditional fairytale style scenic ride, unfortunately the idea hasn't been capitalised on.
For a start the models aren't of a good quality. Some of them do look on the shabby side. Another problems is an odd mixture of older traditional models, and props which glow under the florescent light. It's a mixture that just comes across as messy.
The models wouldn't be such a big problem if there was more substance to the ride. You'd think the idea of rabbits having a party would lead to some good humour and site gags. Unfortunately it's just a one joke ride, with scenes of rabbits having a party, without any real charm or humour. The only real memorable parts are memorable for the wrong reasons, with scenes of rabbits drinking, or in bed, which come a bit close to the line for what's presented as a children's ride. It's a shame really. It's an idea that could have led to a fun scenic ride, instead it's one that hardly warrants a go on it.