The Bullet



To be honest this is one of those rides where I hear a lot of other people rave about it, but don't find myself experiencing the same euphoria. It was brought by Flamingo Land in 1991, when it already had quite a history. It had toured the European fairgrounds for a number of years as Wiener Looping, including a brief tenure at Wiener Prater, Vienna. It was then brought by an American park called Boardwalk and Baseball where it stayed for 2 seasons until Flamingo Land purchased it, and gave it the new name Bullet.
I remember it as a standard compact looping coaster, that only really stood out thanks to the fact it started with a launch. Whether the average rating is just me, or the ride was over rated due to it's link with the highly regarded Schwarzkopf manufacturers it's now hard to decide without travelling to it's new home in Mexico. It probably didn't help that I'd already done the Thunder Looper before doing this, that had a much quicker and more intense launch, making the launch on this ride tame in comparison.
The ride started launching you backwards out the station up a spike of track, you'd then go back down the track, through a station and down a large helix, this led to a loop that encircled the loading station, which led to another bend, after which you were boosted up another spike of track. Once near the top of the spike the train would stop, and reverse back down it, and do the whole track backwards.
I wasn't blown away by it in terms of thrills, but it wasn't that bad an example of a compact looper, and the launch was a nice novelty. It was popular with guests until it's removal in 2005 as part of Flamingo Lands plans to reduce the fairground feel of the park. The space was occupied by part of Kumali that opened next year. It's fate was uncertain for a number of years, until 2013 when it opened again at a park called Selva Magica in Mexico.