Camelot Flume



The Camelot Flume was at the park until it's last season in 2012. It was then sold on to Oakwood as part of a new pirates themed area that opened in 2013.

Old Review: 7

The queue for this one was an interesting experience. Over the tannoy we heard what sounded like a village idiot singing various nursery rhymes. Turns out it wasn't a tape, but one of the ride operators who got bored. I did offer the services of my MP3 player to provide some decent music, but that offer was declined.
Now I hesitate to call a flume ride that isn't that compact double drop version that's absolutely everywhere generic, but this is a generic one drop layout version. Instead of a small drop followed by a big drop it's a short ride around a scenic area followed by the big drop.
The scenic section does feel like a work of accidental genius. It sees you going through an overgrown woodland like area. It's probably in such an  overgrown state due to the lack of maintenance. This though creates a nice woodland setting, that's a lot more effective than a lot of things they could have intended to do.
The drop is a pretty good one. It doesn't do anything unexpected but it provides a good level of family thrills. The fact you get a satisfactory ride with just one drop shows how the small drop on the double drop flumes doesn't add that much to the ride. Although not a must do ride it still provides a fun experience worth a go when visiting the park.