Carnesky's Ghost Train



Carnesky's operated on the promenade in Blackpool, opposite the Sandcastle water park until it's closure in 2014. The area is being redeveloped in to a public gardens..

Old Review: 8

If you love fear attractions Blackpool is a good place to be right now. There's the recently opened Blackpool Dungeon, the long established Pasaje Del Terror, the Horror Crypt outside the Pleasure Beach, as well as two good ghost trains at the Pleasure Beach and the Coral Island fun centre, along with a ghost train on the South Pier that falls in to the entertainingly rubbish category.
Completing this line up is Carnesky's Ghost Train, perhaps the one that ranks as the most unique in concept and execution. I reckon it's one of the most theatrical of the horror attractions I've done, with a complex plot concerning a train line haunted by refugees who died while fleeing along the railway lines. After the first room that sets up the plot your taken to the train station and board the train. The train then proceeds to make several circuits of the building where various actors portraying the ghosts lie in wait.
The fact your doing the same circuit several times sounds like a potential weakness, but thanks to the fact the actors continuously change there position, as well as changes to the lighting and scenes it avoids the pitfall of being repetitive. After a number of circuits you return to the ride station, where the theatrical feel continues as you see the last scene that finishes the story.
It's not one of the scariest haunted attractions I've done, but there are still a number of chills, and it more than makes up for this thanks to some good scenery, and by telling a good story. This makes a nice change from the many haunted passage, single sentence plots found in many horror attractions. A good dark ride that is worth taking time out to visit if you're in Blackpool.