Clock Maze



The Clock Maze was at the park from 1991 to 2007, when it was removed to make room for a new water playground and the Sky Swinger. The clock at the centre is still a feature in the gardens.

Old Review: 6

I've been in a couple of mazes around several parks, and this is the most complicated to find your way round. It's one that if you do properly you can get lost in, and it will take you a while to find your way out. This can be a slight problem as the only decoration in the maze is the clock at the heart of it, so it gets a little repetitive after a few minutes of walking around.
Luckily there is a remedy to this situation. You might have noticed I mentioned doing it properly. They've cut small doors in the hedges to allow small children to easily find there way out if they get lost. Do you think the fact they were intended for children stopped stopped me using them?
It's nice to see a park actually host a maze that feels like a proper adult maze, not something designed to amuse kids, where you'd have to be blind to get lost. However it needs a few more features, perhaps either some themed models or floor obstacles to get the interest level higher.