The Corkscrew was at Flamingo Land from 1983 to 2011. The space was used to accommodate the new flying coaster.

Old Review: 7

This coaster is in a small area of the park that serves as a reminder of Flamingo Land's past, as a zoo with a fairground attached, with a lot of portable compact style coasters and rides. You almost get the impression that the rest of the park is ashamed of it. As you approach the ride it's apparent it's showing it's age, the paintwork has seen better days. I get the impression it's only a matter of time before this ride goes and this area gets a make over. If this doesn't happen the ride itself needs a makeover, and some new rides are needed in this area to make it more appealing, perhaps making the space by relocating or removing the Dragon Coaster.
It still shows it's age as you ride it. It shakes around as it makes its way around the track. This isn't to bad though, and it still offers some good thrills and fun spots. It's not bad as a coaster for the thrilling end of the family market. With it's current status it's an easy one to dismiss, but if it's a quiet day, and the queues not to bad it's still worth having a go.