Looking back there are a number of trips I'm very glad I made before it was too late. One is definitely my 2002 trip to Southport. Getting there took some effort. I was staying in Blackpool, and it looks like an easy trip on the map. The reality is several long bus journeys, taking out a big chunk of the day. Not quite the worst example (that's Skegness and Cleethorpes) of a difficult public transport scenario that looks like it should be easy, but close.

There were several rides I got to do that day like the fun house, the river caves and King Solomon's Mines, but the one I'm gladdest I got to do is the Cyclone. It was a nice example of a traditional wooden coaster, that had quite a bit of history being built in 1937. It was good to ride, slotting somewhere in the middle when ranked with Blackpool's classic woodies.

The greatest tragedy was how it's demise came. Pleasureland used to run by the same people who own Blackpool Pleasure Beach. One day they just announced to the staff they'd be out of work at the end of the week, and closed things down. They sent in men with chainsaws to reduce the ride to rubble, to stop any potential competitors using it.

Looking at Pleasureland current status as a home to a season long funfair with a few permanent rides it strikes me that the Cyclone could still be operational today, without posing a threat to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, if it wasn't for such cold hearted business tactics.

Old Review: 7

This is quite an old woody. It's an entwined design in a surprisingly compact space, consisting of constant drops, and plenty of turns to keep you in the compact area. Some of the drops are thrilling, providing good excitement.
Compared to other woody's though it's not really a stand out. I found it never really picked up enough speed to be hugely exciting, especially on the corners where it slows down a lot.
It's not a bad ride, but it doesn't provide enough thrills to stand out as something special.