The Cyclone was a thrill ride that was on Clarence Pier for a short time.

Old Review: 8

When I first saw a photo of this ride my immediate thought was along the lines of "What Is It?" I could see it was some variation of the ranger or inverting pirate ship style rides, but I  couldn't work out where you where meant to sit. On arrival to the park I discovered you sit across the ride, like you would on a bike, and like a bike it has pedals.
What are the pedals for? You use them to control the ride. If you pedal at the right time the ride will swing further round, until eventually you start flipping a full 360 degrees.
Who thinks up an idea like that? Who looks at an inverting pirate ship and says it would be a really good idea if we crossed that ride with an exercise bike? Whoever it was is a creative genius, as the result is a very fun thrill ride. Once you have the controls worked out it's great fun controlling the bike to flip how you want it. By the end of the ride you'll be absolutely knackered from all that peddling, but it's well worth it. It ranks as one of the most fun thrill rides I've ever tried.