Dragon Flyer



I'm writing this shortly after Camelot's closure, and only a few days after the news of 3 of the rides finding a new home. A new home for the caterpillar coaster and balloon ride isn't a major shock. A new home for the water slide is a surprise, as that was built to fit on the side of a hill at Camelot. That means it will need some work, or a re-design to fit somewhere else.

Another ride I imagine will struggle to find a new home for similar reasons is the Dragon Flyer. It was a powered coaster built in 1987. Unlike many examples of powered coaster it wasn't designed for a compact area, instead it was set around a large area, doing a complete circuit of a themed area of the park. An idea I'm surprised isn't used for rides more often.

Another odd feature, which as far as I know made this ride unique is it wasn't electronically powered, but powered by a petrol motor operated by a member of staff as the train went around.

Overall it was a good fun family coaster, including some good straits through the trees. It would still make a good ride for a family park if a home could be found. It's a shame the rides footprint means this would be difficult.

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I would like to know if this ride has a unique claim to fame. Unlike other powered coasters that run on an electrified rail, this ride has a combustion engine in the front car, which is fuelled by petrol. I even saw them refuelling the engine with the petrol pump found at the station.
Another noteworthy feature is the large scale of it. There's a large area of the park with several rides, as well as food and games areas. This ride does a large circuit of the woods at the circumference of this large area. Although this means you don't get any of the helixes you'd expect on a normal powered coaster, getting to tear down such a long strait, through the trees and past other rides more than makes up for it.
The end result is a slightly mad, fun and thrilling ride. With Knightmare and Whirlwind at Camelot it would be easy to overlook this one. Although it might not quite match up to those rides in outright thrills, this one is still a noteworthy family coaster in it's own right.