Excalibur 2



Excalibur 2 opened in 1995 and operated at the park until an accident in August 2011. That one was a bit of a shock as I rode this in July 2011.

Old Review: 8

This is the thrill ride known as the Fabbri Evolution, and it's one I feel a certain amount of respect to. With such a great array of major thrill rides on the market today it's easy to forget there was a time when thrill rides that rose above the level of today's family thrill rides were rare. Even the notable thrill rides like the enterprise and inverting pirate ship were forgettable by today's standards. There was a ride though that brought modern white knuckle thrills to the market, before the days of modern white knuckle thrills.
The ride set up feels relatively modern. You sit in an outwards facing circle of seats. During the ride they spin, and the whole set swings on a giant arm, and does a complete loop. To add more spirit to proceedings the seats can also tilt back and forth, leaving you facing at various angles, including looking strait down at the rides highest point.
It doesn't quite achieve the same high speed and thrills as the more modern thrill rides, but the experience of swung around, while being tilted and span at various angles still provides good scary thrills. This ride isn't quite the top dog anymore, but it still provides some good thrills.