The Extreme was a thrill ride that was on Clarence Pier for a short time.

Old Review: 8

The addition of this ride was a big factor in me choosing to visit Clarence Pier. I've ridden rides like this, I  believe a Remix is the general term for them, at the Hyde Park Christmas funfairs, and at other funfairs in various locations, and they are one of my favourite types of thrill ride.
The funfair origins of the version at Clarence Pier are pretty obvious, with it's fairground airbrush art, which looks good, but feels a little out of place against the more simply and traditionally decorated rides found at the park.
Aesthetics aside, it's a very good thrill ride, but the ride program doesn't quite match the standards I've ridden at the funfairs. It's on a setting where you do notice the intensity this ride creates more, but it doesn't quite create the same thrilling and exciting experience of some of the other versions of the Remix I've ridden. This isn't to bad though, as it's still a very thrilling and intense ride, well worth the asking price you pay to ride it.