Fantasy Dome



Adventure Island has come a long way since my first visit over a decade ago, with the addition of my 3 new coasters, including Rage a major signature attraction.

Sadly though some of the old rides had to go to make room for this. The park used to have several old fashioned walk through attractions, the only one that still remains is the Crooked House. Next to that was one called the Fantasy Dome that was removed when the Mighty Mini Mega was installed.

As you might have gathered it was a huge dome. You'd enter and walk around a number of fantasy themed worlds, such as a polar ice kingdom and a goblin woods.

It wasn't the best example going, with some of it on the wrong side of the shabby and dated vs. charming and nostalgic line. It was still a nice ride though, it was a shame to see it go. It's a shame it wasn't around for a few more years as it would have been a good addition to the Save Dreamland project.

The ride hasn't completely left the park though. Some of the models were relocated to some display booths in the park, paying tribute to the ride, and a giant spider from the Dome can be seen in the Over the Hill ride.

Old Review: 6

As you may have guessed from the name this ride takes place in a giant dome. It's a walk through scenic ride that sees you walking through various themed areas like a haunted house section or an area based around an ice river.
The models aren't that bad, the trouble is they feel to much just like a bunch of models. You just feel like your going around looking at things, your never part of the experience. It's not that bad of a ride, but you never feel involved enough to make it that memorable.