Gold Mine



It's a little disturbing to look at the list of past rides from Blackpool, and see two of my favourite classic dark rides on it. At least this one's removal after being in the park since 1971 was due to the addition of a new attraction, unlike some rides that have become unused areas.

The names gave a rough idea of what to expect. You travelled around a themed Gold Mine, through caves with lots of model miners at work. A few hi-lights included going out over a pool, also used by the river caves, in one of the restaurants, and the finally that saw an explosion effect courtesy of some loud sounds and flashing lights.

The main source of fun was from the pace set by the mine carts, you could arguably have called it a powered coaster. If it had been a slow ride I reckon this wouldn't have held up to scrutiny, but thanks to the faster pace it was a lot of fun.

As I've already mentioned the Gold Mine was refurnished and turned in to a new attraction, the main one of the Wallace and Gromit area that opened in 2013. At the time of writing it's still being constructed so I don't know how that will compare. Thinking about it, it's a shame they didn't redo the Impossible and former Trauma Towers area instead. Whatever the replacement attractions are like I'll always have fond nostalgic memories of the Gold Mine.

Old Review: 7

A good nostalgic ride consisting of both sections of darkness and some fun old models. It's a very fun and pleasant ride to go on. A very enjoyable ride.

Old Review: 7

The park web site described this as a roller coaster "style" ride. I think this is a fare assessment. it does have some fast sections and drops, but the layout is designed around the scenery, to take you around that. it's not all the way adrenalin thrills like you'd expect from a coaster.
The scenery on this ride is absolutely first class. O.K. some of the models are showing there age slightly (one of which looks like Freddy Kruger) but they are very well done, on a good scale. The idea of the ride is to recreate the sensation of hurtling around a gold mine, in an out of control fashion, and it achieves it. It may not be the most intense white knuckle ride out there, but it creates a very exciting experience.