King Solomon's Mine



King Solomon's Mine was at Frontier Land (where it was called the Runaway Mine Train) from 1960 until 1999. It was at Pleasureland Southport from 2000 until 2006. It is currently under the ownership of the Save Dreamland Project.

Old Review: 6

Despite the theming attached to this ride this isn't a typical mine train coaster, but a rare example of a wooden wild mouse coasters, with the cars and scenery having a mining theme. It has the usual mouse coaster elements, including some tight corners and some good thrilling drops.
This one though sadly isn't without it's flaws. It's on the rough side, which isn't that unusual, but this one does need some work as it verges on being unpleasant. One thing that doesn't help is the restraints, that fit tightly across your chest adding to your discomfort.
Thanks to a nice track design this has the potential to be a good ride, but it definitely needs some work to achieve this.