Looping Star



There's a good number of rides I did at Dreamland, Margate, that could potentially be in this section. Luckily the Save Dreamland Campaign is doing well, so hopefully the Scenic Railway and a number of other historic rides will reopen again.

One other ride that stands out in the memory is the Looping Star. The one I've got in mind is the one at the park in 2001/2002. There was another in 1999/2000 and one I only have some vague childhood memories of riding that was there from 1981 to 1994.

The compact single looping coaster was the staple of many British amusement parks in the 90's. They're still a significant part today, but the spinning mouse has overtaken it in prominence. Having ridden a number of similar models I wasn't expecting anything memorable out of this.

What I failed to realise was this was one of the better Schwarzkopf designed coasters. One of the leading manufacturers of the era. This became very apparent on riding, as it achieved a level of excitement and intensity I wouldn't normally expect on this style of coaster. This easily ranked as the best single loop compact coaster I've done.

The ride was removed from Margate when the owners at the time moved out of it. It was relocated to Loudoun Castle for 7 years before that park also closed. Rather oddly it was also at Ocean Beach and Camelot before being located at Dreamland, 2 other parks that have now closed down, is this ride cursed? Since then I believe it's been up for sale, but a new home hasn't been found, so it's future is uncertain.

Old Review: 8

For the small area this coaster takes up it's really good. The first section is quite good, where you go down the first drop and around the loop. It's the second section that makes it stand out though that sees you going around some tight turns, through the centre of the loop and around a helix at very high speed.
For such a small coaster it's a very thrilling ride. A highly thrilling miniature coaster. A definate must try if you visit the park.