Magic Forest



The Magic Forest was at Paultons Park until 2013 when the building was turned in to a new fast food restaurant.

Old Review: 6

Paultons Park seems to have quite a collection of scenic walk through attractions. This one is probably the most kiddie orientated of the attractions on offer. It's themed around traditional children's nursery rhymes, and has various models depicting scenes from those nursery rhymes. It's a very small attraction, a fact emphasised by the fact you can see round the whole attraction as soon as you step in the entrance.
This ride is of a reasonable quality, with some nice models. Some of them feel a little dated, but this doesn't take away from the ride too much. My overall impression is  that this ride is a nice distraction, but it's a ride that will soon be forgotten. It does the job of a kids attraction at a reasonable level, but it lacks the humour and charm needed, and doesn't immerse you in the experience enough to make this that interesting a ride.