Magic Theatre



At the moment the Lego Town area of Legoland only has the train station, a shop and an elaborate facade of theming. One of the buildings is called the Magic Theatre, and there was a time you could enter the backstage area for a tour.

This led to a relatively modern type of attraction I don't know a genuine term for. You could say a fun house, but instead of the traditional floors and obstacles it consisted of various obstacles you could interact with. I'd guess you could call it an interactive house or a fun museum.

Two exhibits particularly stick out in my mind. One was a fun X-ray machine at the beginning that you had to power with some pedals. This turned on a light that revealed your X-ray, actually a model skeleton made of lego, that peddled in sync with you.

The other one I remember was a room at the end, quite a few people walked past, that contained a nice light show. I remember other exhibits with holes you'd reach in to guess the theatre prop inside, and a box you'd look in and see a Lego model frog change into a model prince, and various points where you could pose for photos.

For a while it was a mystery why it closed, as it always seemed popular, and I imagine it was relatively cheap to run. The space is now occupied by an X-box gaming zone, I'm guessing as the result of some sort of sponsorship deal. I will definitely miss this old attraction when visiting the park.

Old Review: 7

I'm at odds here wandering what type of ride you'd class this as. I suppose you could class it as a type of fun house, although it doesn't have a lot of the traditional fun house paraphernalia like novelty floors and slides.
It's a walk through attraction themed around the idea of being backstage of a theatre where a magician performs. As you walk round you come across various amusements, including a magic X-ray machine which has an amusing surprise when you use it, prop boxes you reach in to feel surprises, and quite a fun light show if you go in a separate room at the end, keep an eye out as the door to it is easy to miss.
Overall it's mostly low tech stuff, but is well presented, and does provide some amusement and fun. Not something I'd go out my way to try, but something I'd stop to have a go on while passing.