Motion Master



With the popularity of the 4D cinema it's surprising not many parks have thought about getting a motion cinema. It sees you being strapped into a seat that tilts back and forth, left and right, with the movements matching what happens in the film. It was a good fit for Granada Studio Tours. The one I saw was tied in to the Robocop franchise, a second film linked to the Alien films was added later, that I vaguely remember seeing at The American Adventure.
To incorporate the different films the ride had a movie magic theme. The first room had you watching a short film on the history of the cinema, that climaxed with a cameo from King Kong, or at least his arm that descended from the ceiling. You then went in to the next room where you saw the intro video of the Robocop ride. It started with you being welcomed as new recruits to the police force, only for news of a major incident to break, which sees the police commissioner forced to send rookies out to assist Robocop. That was the set up for the motion cinema film, that saw you accompany Robocop as he flew through the streets on his hover bike through the city. The film would be dated by today's standards, consisting of an actor against a computer generated scene. The colour scheme and design was reminiscent of the computer graphics used in the film Tron. For the time though it wasn't a bad film, and the result was a fun family thrill ride.
The ride closed with the rest of the park in 1998. Presumably the equipment has been either sold on or scrapped, and as far as I know there isn't any park now showing either of the two films, which I suppose is understandable as today the main draw of them would be as a nostalgia attraction. I'll be keeping an eye out for any new motion cinemas opening though.