Mr Rabbit's Tropical Travels



This ride actually had 2 incarnations (well 3 if you count the last year as different) starting out as the Magic Mill in 1982. I did kind of ride that, but my only memory of it is being on it when it broke down, and having to get out of the boat and walk across the gardens. Other than that there's not much for me to write.

In 1995 when the area was rethemed as Ranger Country this was rethemed to match the new area. My main memory of this ride, before it became restricted to only groups with kids, was boredom. It was a long slow boat ride where most of the scenery consisted of tall bamboo plants. The only other thing to look at were some fibreglass storybooks with some illustrations and writing telling a story about Mr Rabbit. My overall impression of the scenery was they'd done the minimum possible to make a passable kids ride.

Luckily things weren't a total waste of time, as the boat headed in to an indoor section for an impressive finales. You rode down a themed jungle river with large model trees, and plenty of models of jungle animals to amuse you. It's a shame the rest of the ride wasn't up to this standard.

A couple of factors led to this rides closure. The indoor section was damaged by the fire that also destroyed the Wicked Witches Haunt, so that had to be taken away. Shortly after that some of the space was needed for the addition of Nemesis Inferno. The main change though that stopped the ride simply being re-routed was Thorpe Parks change in target demographic. This led to the closure of this and the car ride next door in 2001. Since then the former site of these 2 rides hasn't been put to any apparent use. I do wonder if there are any plans for this area, or if it will just remain unused for the immediate future.

Old Review: 5

This ride has a slightly sinister reputation for us. It's broken down when we've been on it, twice, and got stuck on another occasion where the boat was leaning over because all the adults were on one side. We only have a 50 percent success rate of getting around without incident.
What's it like when it's working then? It's a jungle themed ride. The end part is OK, not brilliant, but it's a half decent jungle scene. The first section though isn't that good. You spend absolutely ages going around looking at the same type of plant, again and again, where the only source of amusement is wondering if the plants are real. They do try to make it interesting with a few story books, but that's far from enough to save it. The second part is all right, but this doesn't make up for a long boring beginning.