Noah's Ark



Technically this ride hasn't gone yet as it still stands on top of one of the buildings in the entrance area of the Pleasure Beach where it's been since 1922 forming an elaborate decoration. Visitors can no longer climb aboard though.

What you used to be able to do was walk around a large funhouse style attraction, part of which was set on a large model Ark, set up to rock to mimic the waves.

Part of me will always view this ride with nostalgic rose tinted glasses. I first rode this about 20 years ago, and it was the first fun house style ride I ever did, starting a love of them I hold to this day. In many ways it didn't hold up that well against many other fun houses I've done since, with more elaborate and frequent obstacles. That said the low tech feel of the features, the sedate walk around pace, and the theming and music gave the ride a fun nostalgic charm that set it apart from other funhouse attractions. I certainly wouldn't have ever skipped it on a visit to the Pleasure Beach.

So what happened to it? The Pleasure Beach cited health and safety issues for it's closure in 2008, although I suspect the low number of visitors trying the ride was also a big issue. It's a shame though, as with a makeover to address any safety law issues, and to update the decoration and add some new features, maybe giving it a brand name to boost popularity (seems like an obvious choice for Dora the Explorer) it could still function as a nice family attraction.

Old Review: 7

Blackpool has a good collection of golden oldies, and this is one of the more unique ideas.
It takes place on a giant rocking boat, and underneath it in a fun house style walk through ride. It has features such as wobbly floors and stairs which you have to negotiate your way around.
It's a very fun and unique family ride, the trouble is it does show its age. There are areas of the ride which are uncolourful and drab, especially when you consider this is meant to be aimed at families. This doesn't detract from the overall experience too much, but it could be improved with a makeover.

Old Review: 7

A ride not based around high thrills and speed, but intended to be great fun. It's like a giant fun house being based a rocking ship shaped building, and seeing you negotiate various features and obstacles.
It won't be great if your looking for high thrills, but if you approach it with an open mind you'll end up enjoying yourself.

Old Review: 7

O.K. I know what your thinking, it's a kiddies ride. We actually went on this because we we're trying to use up a load of C tickets. (This is an old review)
It may seem like a kids fun house, and in many respects that's an accurate description. However this doesn't mean it's not a fun ride. There are a lot of amusements and surprises on the way, and it's good fun. If your willing to swallow your pride and give it a go you'll enjoy yourself.