Pasaje Del Terror: London



The Pasaje Del Terror London was a walkthrough horror attraction located at the London Trocodero, Piccadilly Circus. It opened in 2009, but was closed in early 2011 due to a combination of low attendance and a dispute with the landlord.

Old Review: 9

One of the biggest revelations in the UK amusement industry of the noughties was the huge increase in popularity of horror attractions. Back in 2000 the Pasaje Del Terror in Blackpool and the Dungeon's were your main options. Now every Halloween your spoilt for choice when it comes to the various horror houses and haunted hayrides around the country. Now there's even a horror maze you can visit any time of the year located in the Trocodero in London.
This consists of two sections, the first is a 3D cinema show. The plot of which sees an annoying mobile phone user step through a portal in time, and encountering Jack the Ripper. So you have one of the most undesirable menaces to ever walk the streets of London, being chased by Jack the Ripper. The film just about works as a piece of Gothic horror, with a few moments of tension, but some underdressed sets, and some poor computer effects give it a low budget feel. It serves as a nice set up for the main attraction, but it's not something I'd think I'd miss if it was removed.
The main reason for visiting is for the terror passage itself. It sees you walking along a number of corridors and scenes, quite a few of which are tributes to famous horror films. Most of the scenes also contain a costumed actor who has the job of scaring and/or entertaining you.
There is the risk of it becoming predictable. A lot of the scenes consist of a similar formula of an actor jumping out of the shadows to shock scare you, then following you down the corridor as you continue on. Luckily it offers enough variety to keep things on the positive side. I do though think it would work better with a few less jump scares, and a few more spooky scare moments where the actor interact with you more.
Now I've looked at the ride charts, and find myself with an odd situation. This ride makes it to the top, but I'm not entirely sure it deserves to be. This is because I'm comparing a super car to a group of family hatchbacks. Horror attractions with live actors generally do rank above normal scenic rides. A good horror ride like this will still outrank a very good dark ride.
I have been on quite a few horror attractions like this, although to be fair a lot of these were seasonal events which could afford more live actors to create more of an atmosphere, not constrained by the fact they need to pay for enough actors to open the ride almost every day of the year. This though is still a good ride, and is worth seeking out, especially if you don't want to wait until Halloween for your next horror fix. My only reservation about this would be the high on the door ticket price, but this can be remedied by heading to the Pasaje Del Terror Website where you can book your tickets at a much lower price in advance. If you do this, then it's an attraction that's well worth visiting.