The Monorail was at the Pleasure Beach until 2013 when it was removed so the space around the station could be used for the new Wallace and Gromit area.

Old Review: 7

The Pleasure Beach's decision to go down the pay to enter route has seen some changes to this ride. The closure of several entrance areas saw some of the stations of this ride close leaving only 1 left. This makes it a purely scenic ride, rather than a functional one. This goes some way to account for the size of the ride, if your expecting just a short round trip you'd be wrong, the ride encircles almost the whole park.
This does lead to an interesting tour.
I'm not quite sure how to rate it, as I feel as an enthusiast there are parts I'm going to be more interested in than a typical visitor. Parts of it feel like a backstage tour, as you go along the structure of the Big One and the upper levels of the Globe theatre and around the back to see some parts of the Grand National you wouldn't normally see walking around the park. It would be good if the ride had some commentary with it to inform people about the park, especially the more historic areas.
How much you want to ride it ultimately depends on how interested you are in seeing some of the things previously listed. If your not the long length of the ride and the lack of spectacular views make this one to skip. If you are interested though it's well worth taking time out to do this ride.