Raging River



The Raging River was a log flume ride at the park from 1996 until 2006 when it was removed to make room for Rage.

Old Review: 7

This is one of two Wild West rides at the park, the other being the Gold Mine. It's a log flume ride, which is surprisingly good for a flume ride at a small amusement park.
The theming is pretty good, and includes some tunnels. It is in need of some TLC in some areas though, in one tunnel you could hardly see the walls, as there was so much chewing gum stuck to them.
The drops are also of a good standard. Not the most memorable drops compared to some of the larger log flumes at large parks, but they provide a reasonable level of family thrills. Overall they don't provide anything that spectacular or memorable, but it does a nice job as a fun family ride.