River Caves



The River Caves were  at Pleasureland Southport from 1923 until 2006. It was rethemed and renamed as Lost Dinosaurs of The Sahara in 2004. Some of the the models from those 2 years can be seen at Blackpool Zoo. Parts of the ride are currently under the ownership of the Save Dreamland Project.

Old Review: 6

This is a similar concept of the ride of the same name at Blackpool. It's a scenic ride that takes place on slow moving boats, that go around various areas themed on slightly stereotypical images from history around the world. Both are also very important historically, being over 50 year old examples of rides that are becoming increasingly rare.
Sadly this one isn't without a few problems. There are a number of long sections between the models, which can make parts of it a little boring. The other problem is the models do look both shabby and dated. It's not a bas ride, but it needs some sprucing up to make it memorable for more than historic importance.