The Romany Experience



The addition of the Cobra kick started a major transition period at Paultons Park, as it started to regually install larger rides, which has seen the removal of some of the old fashioned attractions. It will be interesting to see the fate of more of the attractions as time goes on. Already gone are the Clock Maze, The Magic Forest and The Romany Experience.

It was like a large museum hall. You walked around in a circuit, in which there were Gypsy Caravans and other models where you learned about traditional Gypsy life.

The rides initial closure was a bit of a mystery, as the location of the ride wasn't immediately taken up with a year round attraction. Some of the space was used during the parks Christmas events, so perhaps the decision was made to keep that in place, rather than have to change things around every year. In 2013 more of the space found a use when it became the home of a new 4D cinema, which is now the main ride of that area of the park.

Old Review: 8

This attraction was a real surprise for me. From the outside it's just a plain building, and I was expecting a small diversion, along the lines of the Village Life Museum located next door. The entrance corridor to the main hall seemed to reaffirm that fact.
These early misconceptions though only made the impact of entering the main hall even greater. The pictures here really don't do it justice. It's a huge hall themed as a traditional Romanian Gypsy village. The sheer scale and size is impressive, it's much bigger than you expect from the outside.
The real clincher though is the models used. They show traditional Gypsy caravans. The quality and detail is stunning, enough to make you want to take your time viewing every model.
These are accompanied by some models of Gypsies, that show you various aspects of Gypsy culture. These parts feel secondary compared to the detailed caravans, but help add a lot of interest to the exhibits.
Given the unassuming exterior you could easily pass this attraction. My advice is don't. If your visiting Paultons Park this should definitely be on your to do list.