The Snake Train



It's interesting to see how parks go through transition periods. Many start off with either low tech or travelling fairground attractions, but then go through a period of change to establish themselves as a more major attraction. Drayton Manor went through such a period in the 90's as many old rides were replaced, leaving the days of it being a country park with a zoo and fairground behind.

One ride from the old era was the snake train. One of the simplest, low tech concepts for a thrill ride ever devised. It was a long road train, that pulled a number of trailers, one behind the other. On the front train the driver drove around the roads in the woods at high speed. Just driving around in such an uncontrolled fashion was enough to make a thrilling ride. When you factored in you were just sitting in an exposed position, with no restraints, you just had to hold on, it was a very exciting ride.

Unfortunately the lack of restraints was part of the rides undoing, as it was closed down shortly after I rode it. Given how the park was modernising though it was probably only a matter of time. Nowadays the parks 4D cinema is located where you use to get on the snake train.

This is definitely a ride of a past era. Even if modern health and safety would allow such a ride, and they'd have a point on insisting on more secure restraints, the only place I'd ever see getting a ride like this would be a small activity farm style attraction. I've got to admit, given some fond memories of this ride, if one did appear I'd be tempted to make a visit.