Submission was a ride known as a Chance Inverter, that was added to the X-Sector in 2001 as a support ride to Oblivion and the Black Hole. The Chance Inverters had a fair number installed worldwide, but were rare in Europe, and Submission was even rarer, being a double version, where two copies of the ride could run parallel to one another. At first glance it looked like an inverted pirate ship, consisting of a large pod on the end of a vertical arm that spun during the ride. Unlike the traditional pirate ship though there was a pivot point between the arm and the pod, allowing the pod to perform flips at the end of the arm.

I had seen footage of a Chance Inverter on TV (this was before you tube) before going up to ride this, and looked forward to trying what looked like a wild thrilling ride. For some reason though it was on an ultra slow ride program, that did little more than slowly move you into different positions. A more exciting program was used at a later date, but even that wasn't that thrilling. To be honest I only remembered riding it at a later date after being reminded about it when checking the old reviews.

The ride was never really seen as more than a distraction. It probably lasted a few more years than it would have thanks to the closure of the Black Hole, meaning it was needed to support Oblivion in the X-Sector. I think once the Smiler opened though it's closure was inevitable, and it closed at the end of the 2013 season.

Old Review: 6

In the last review of this ride I wrote I complained that it was set on a weak ride program. All the ride did was go round a few selected points at a slow speed.
On my most recent visit this had been remedied to a certain extent. The ride now rotates on it's arm with more speed, and even does a few thrilling flips as it goes round.
This is an improvement over the old ride program, but the ride still feels a little on the predictable side, and with only a second or two of any sort of exciting thrills the overall excitement isn't that high.
It's an O.K. variation on the traditional inverted swinging boat idea, with the extra pivot on the end letting the pod rotate freely helping provide the main thrills it manages to provide, but it's far from a must do ride.