The Super Booster



The Super Booster was located on Brighton Pier from 2006 until the end of 2012. I believe it was then relocated to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park.

Old Review: 8

Like the Booster ride on the Pier this originally 10.00 a go, but was cut down to 6.00 a go a couple of months later. I think it has gone back up to 8.00 since then. Unlike the Booster ride I'd say this price can be justified as I think it should be categorised with rides like Skycoasters and Geospheres. More unique and extreme thrill rides a lot of parks charge extra to try.
One question I have to ask, is this scarier than Apocalypse? That's a question I'm not 100 percent sure how to answer. If pushed I'd say that although Apocalypse is the better presented, and overall better ride experience, this ride is scarier.
Part of the problem I have deciding is the different circumstances when riding the two rides. When I've done Apocalypse it's been with the coaster club, meaning I've had a few friends with me to make things easier. When I rode this no one else I was with was feeling brave enough, so if I was to ride, it was on my own. After trying the Booster, looking around and watching the rides first breakdown leaving 4 members of the pier staff stranded up on it 66 minutes after the ride first opened, and making a joke about a certain theme park company, (you know which one I mean,) I finally summed up enough courage to go on it.
One thing that makes this ride even scarier than it looks is the restraints. They're the same stand up floorless ones on the 5th element of the Apocalypse where you only have a small bike saddle like seat to sit on, meaning you feel vulnerable and insecure in your seat. This is made even worse by the fact the seats are free swinging, so you do sway slightly. The really daring can let there legs dangle free, or you can rest them by tucking them under your seat.
The slow rise to the top of this ride is a very scary and tense prospect. you're winched slowly to a height of over 100 feet with nothing but the sea below you, making you feel very vulnerable and exposed during the winching and wait for the drop at the top.
The drop itself is ultra intense in the first second or two. I think I read it tops 4 and a half G. The fact you go from normal standing G-force to a high amount like this in such a short time makes it incredibly intense.
After that the arm swings back and forth a few times like a giant pendulum. This bit feels like a bit of a come down after the tension generated by the winching up and the intensity of the initial drop, but it's still pretty fun as you swing back and forth several times over the sea and the pier. A fun part, but what you'll remember this ride for is the tension and intensity in the first part of it.