Thorpe Farm



It's interesting to note how Thorpe Park has become more centralised as the years have passed. Much of it has always been based around the main central area, but there used to be a number of attractions based around the lake. I remember a Norman Fort, a model building collection (picture below), and a pirate themed train ride. The last of these to go from the park was Thorpe Farm.

It was a large area with a number of farm buildings. One had a display of old farming equipment, one had a shop, and one had quite a nice counter service restaurant.

Not surprisingly the majority of the area was given over to the farm itself, where you could go around and view a nice range of animals. During my visits in the 90's and even early 00's this was a very nice area, and made a pleasant break from the main park itself. As Thorpe Park's clientele became more thrill seeker orientated it became less and less popular. I remember on my last visit the farm was practically empty of visitors, which detracted from the atmosphere of the area quite a bit.

In the end it wasn't a major surprise when the decision was made to close off the farm area of the park. Due to the lack of planning permission for this area of the park no new rides could be built, so it ended up as an elaborate storage area, which nowadays is only visited by park staff.

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