Thunder Looper



The Thunder Looper used to be at Alton Towers next to Nemesis in the space now taken by Blade and Ripsaw. If a greater pair of roller coaster shave ever been found in one park next to one another I'd be immensely surprised.

Despite it being nearly 20 years since I last got to ride, it has still stuck in my memory. It was a simple design of coaster consisting of a long strait of track the train was launched along, that took you in to a giant loop. After the loop was a steep spike of track the train travelled up, before the irresistible pull of gravity would halt the train and it would travel backwards around the loop.

When I was 13 this was a scary prospect, and I was nervous waiting in line with my dad, my mum and brother having opted out. After sitting down and having just a simple lap bar locked in place it was time to ride. This saw an exhilarating launch, that was unlike anything I'd ever ridden at the time, and it was 11 years before the opening of Rita before I ever rode anything like it again.

Sadly the ride had to be removed shortly after I rode due to the planning restrictions at Alton Towers. It was sold to a park called Hopi Hari in Brazil, where it still resides, although Walibi Belgium have recently refurnished their own version, so you don't have to travel that far to ride a version of this classic today.